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In 1993 the ceremonial section of Australian Defence Industries (ADI) - which had been in operation since 1950 - was purchased and Spear of Fame was formed. Spear of Fame initially began work solely as an embroidery company, manufacturing the highly regarded Banners and Standards of the Australian Defence Force.

Through a reputation for quality and attention to detail Spear of Fame expanded further into the Defence and Police Sectors, manufacturing and supplying all types of regalia throughout Australia and the Pacific.

In 2002 Spear of Fame moved into the academic sector and now supplies academic regalia to some of Australia's leading universities.

In 2004 a Spear of Fame company director was, at the recommendation of General Peter John Cosgrove, AC, MC, awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her dedication and exemplary work over the years, culminating in the manufacture of the Australian Army Centenary Banner.

Spear of Fame has continued to see sustainable growth, expanding into manufacturing and supplying all types of regalia to Defence, Police, Academic, Masonic, Ecclesiastical and Corporate sectors throughout Australia and the Pacific.

With a number of offices in Asia-Pacific, Spear of Fame has become a truly versatile company in its supply and strategic sourcing power. This works to compliment our manufacturing both in Australia and through Asia-Pacific.

Spear of Fame is now recognised as Australia's leading ceremonial embroidery company and one of Australia's leading ceremonial suppliers.