What We Do

Since 1993 Spear of Fame has worked closely with Australia's largest government, academic and fraternal institutions, designing and manufacturing a variety of fine ceremonial regalia and equipment used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), police forces, English Royalty and world Leaders.

Our initial work producing the highly decorative, hand embroidered banners, standards and flags used by the Australian Defence Force earnt Spear of Fame a reputation for high quality, detailed work.

As most of our items are highly specialised or custom designed, working directly with our customers is important to us as we believe the best results are achieved through close relationships with individuals.


Our Story

In 1993 the ceremonial division of Australian Defence Industries (ADI), which had been in operation since 1950, was purchased, thus forming Spear of Fame. For much of our first ten years Spear of Fame focused on producing hand embroidered banners for the Australian Defence Force and over time gradually expanded further into the defence and police sectors, manufacturing and supplying all types of ceremonial regalia throughout Australia and the Pacific.

Spear of Fame began supplying academic regalia from 2002 and now supply items such as ceremonial gowns, headwear and awards such as medallions to some of Australia's leading Universities.

In 2004, at the recommendation of General Sir Peter John Cosgrove, AC, MC, one of our company directors was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her dedication and exemplary work producing hand embroidered items for the ADF, with particular acknowledgement for her work on the Australian Army Centenary Banner (pictured).