Embroidered Banners, Guidons & Flags

  • Queensland Police hand embroidered banner on silk Australian Made
  • Royal Australian Regiment Colours hand embroidered banner
  • Australian Army Banner hand embroidered banner

Since 1993 Spear of Fame have made the banners, colours, guidons and standards of the Australian Defence Force, police organisations and schools. Handmade in Australia by some of the most accomplished embroiderers and using the highest quality silk threads and fabrics, these banners are individual works of art that embody the history and pride of those it represents.

We Offer:

  • Design, technical specification and heraldic protocol consultation
  • Gold/silver bullion and silk embroidery done by hand
  • All accompanying ceremonial equipment, including display and transport cases
  • Repair and restorations of existing or historical banners

To discuss your ideas and get some helpful guidance through the design and production process give us a call or email.

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