Graduation Gowns

  • Graduation Gown
  • Graduation Gown
  • Graduation Gown

The academic robes of most Commonwealth of Nations universities are based on the style worn at the universities of Oxford & Cambridge. This style is an evolved form of the academic and clerical robes common throughout medieval Europe.

Sizes are determined by wearer's height.

Extra Small - 156cm and under

Small - 157cm to 166cm

Medium - 167cm to 176cm

Large - 177cm to 186cm

Extra Large - 187cm and above

Spear of Fame currently stock academic gowns from Deakin University, The University of Melbourne, RMIT University & Monash University.

We can supply sets of gowns to High Schools & academic institutions or gowns to individual students.

Our gowns are available in a range of materials to suit different climates and budgets.

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