Limted Edition Queen's Colour Miniatures

Spear of Fame is proud to have made the new Queen's Colour for the Royal Australian Air Force.
To celebrate the its presentation and the centenery of the RAAF we are creating two limited-edition series of framed miniature Queen's Colours.
  • Miniature Queen's Colour for the Royal Australian Air Force

Silk Series

This special series is limited to 21 peices, reflecting the year of the RAAF's founding and centenery. It has been faithfully reproduced in 1:4 scale and is embroidered onto the same azure blue silk used for the Queen's Colour and Squadron Standards. It is presented on a miniture pike with the Royal Crest finial and trimmed with metallic fringe and cord & tassels. The miniature is expertly framed with a plaque and supplied with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.   

Standard Series

This series is limited to 500 pieces. The embroidered detail matches the dimensions of the original Queen's Colour at 1:4 scale. The miniature is fully trimed with metallic fringe, cord & tassels, pike and Royal Crest finial. It is expertly framed with an individually numbered certificate.